School strike 
Dudi : cool, mom dad home! take what the mom !
mother : ( while opening the plastic grocery ) is milik soap coffe soap toothpaste flavoring spices snd fruints.
Dudi : you know, where the toy dudi order, ma'am? dudi had been waiting - waiting for the toy bu
mother : wow, mom forgot dud!!!!
dudi : oh how is mother !!!! the mother had an appointment today to buy a toy car, mom .... mom ... (dudi crying) then do not go to school dudi !!!
father : dudi tomorrow could have like no other time just !!!
dudi : but the mother had promised father !!!!!
 mother : yes the mother is already promises but if you forget how?
dudi : see mother !! dudi friends all have had !!! today, right dudi want to come racing toy car, where the car? as electronegative as if unwilling to buy now dudi school  point !!!! 
father :: how rin sister really cranky !!!
rina : let alone well !!!! 
mother : we can not let rin !! You kantahu dudi threat that he always carried you remember rin !!! dudi had been sulking will not eat right he really does not want to eat? after his demand for a new fill to eat again. 
rina : and how the mother ??
mother : you go to buy a car toy mole?
rina : why does not the father, the mother ???
mother : father was exhausted, had you just rin ???
rina : toy cars that use retmote right? quite expensive around 150,000 mothers !!!!
father : rin! rin! rin! Here!
rina : what dady ?
father : The key to open car da Take a plastic bag in the back seat understand !!!
rina : what day
father : you try to guess !!! bu, dudi gather all here? dekarang you try to open rin !!!!
rina : oh remote car in a message dudi  
dudi : Where oh yes thanks mom dad 
dudi so not the same as school strike 
dudi : not dong father