Brain : hello my name is brain
jesi : hello brain. my name is jesi
tia : hello brain and jesi my name is tia.
brain and jesi : hello tia
jesi : hei can we play in the garden ?
tia : yes we can
jesi and brain : okay let's go...

sorry ya cuman segitu
Teacher: "Students, now we have a new students! Please, Molly introduces yourself!" Molly: " Hi, All! I want to introduce myself. My name is Molly Donovan. You can call me, Molly. I live on Vauxhall." Teacher: "Ok, Molly, thank you." Molly: "Your welcome." Narrator: "In the canteen." Stephanie: "Oh, you are newbie, here. What is your name? My name is Stephanie. I'm 10A. You can call me Steven." Molly: "Oh, Steven. My name is Molly. I'm 10B. Nice to meet you." Stephanie: "Nice to meet you, too." Jennifer: "Hi, Steven. Who is she?" Stephanie: "Jennifer, she is my friend, Molly. She is newbie, here. She is 10B. Molly, she is my best friend, Jennifer. She is 10A." Jennifer: "Oh, Molly. Glad to meet you. You are so awesome!" Molly: "Oh, Jennifer. Thank you. You are nice friend." Stephanie: "Oh, the bell is ringing! Let's go to the class!" Molly: "Good bye, friends."