Jawaban paling cerdas!
1. Teacher: "students, are you understand about this material?" Students : "Yes, miss." Teacher : "Ok, do this homework if you understand." Students : "ok." 2. A: " Can you teach me about this material?" B: "Ok." (B teach A) B: " Are you understand about this material?" A: "Yes, B, thank you." B: " Your welcome." 3. C: "Oh no, I got the bad score." D: "Why you got the bad score?" C: "Because, I don't understand. Do you want to teach me?" D: "Of course." (D teach C.) D : " do you understand?" C: "Yes, I do. I really understand. Thank you." D: "Your welcome."
ok, thanks bantuannya kakak baik :)
1. a : why cave? b: cave is gua a: yeah this is languange from american dont understanding b: ok
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