You run an advice column called "Dear John ." read each email below and then write a reply. try to give the best advice you can. make sure you begin with a phrase for '' giving advice ''

1. I study at university. we have our final exams in two weeks. I'm very worried about my best friend. he is planning to cheat on the coming examinations. what should I do ?

2. I'm having a real problem with my roommate. I like to keep our apartment clean,but my roommate is a very messy person. she likes throwing her clothes and stuff all over the place over the place, while I'm trying hard to keep the apartment neat and tidy. what do you think I should do ?

1. Bring papers to close your answer or teach him.
2. Teach her to be clean person
Bring papers to close your answer or teach him.


1. Bring your papers to close your answer, teach him, say to your teacher 2. Teach her