Choose the correct verbs in brackets to complete the sentences!
1. The apple__________ (cute/is cut) into two
2. The monkey __________ (ate/was eaten) the bananas revenously
3. Mirna's books __________ (lent/were lent) to Yosita
4. Fonda__________ (examined/was examined) by the doctor for five minutes.
5. The scouts __________ (lead/are led) by their teachers to the hill.
6. Nova (likes/is liked) eating meatballs very much
7. We__________ (taught/were taught) about how to write narratives in the seminar.
8. The songs__________ (are listening to are/ are being listened to) by my sister now.
9. We__________ (will visit/ will be visited) my grandma next weekend.
10. The horse__________ (has ridden/has been ridden) for a few hours



1. is cut
2. ate (ragu)
3. were lent
4. was examined
5. are led
7. were taught (ragu)
8. are being listened
9. will visit
10. has been ridden
Is cut ate were lent was examined are led likes were taught are being listened will visit has been ridden