Possessive adjective adalah determiner (special adjective) yang digunakan untuk menyatakan kepemilikan (possession) terhadap noun. Possessive adjective terdiri dari my, your, his, her, its, our, dan their.

Possessive adjective diletakkan di depan kata benda, misalnya: my book, your friend, our family, their house, his darling, her hair, its tail, etc.

- My book is new.
- I’m sure you don’t want to listen to all my problems.
- Your friend is studying now.
-Don’t worry. It’s not your fault.
- Our family is very friendly.
- You can stay at our house.
- Their house will be sold.
- They washed their faces and went to bed.
- His darling lives in Surabaya.
- Leo took off his coat and sat down.
- Her hair makes everybody interested.
- She looked at her watch.
- I have a cat; its tail is very long.
- Turn the box on its side.

Positive    : S + V1 / S + V1 + O
Negative    : S + do (es) not + V1
Interrogative    : Do (es) + S + V1 ?

Positive :
- I drink milk.
- A postman delivers letters.
- A Man walks with his feet.
Negative :
- I do not drink milk.
- A Postman do not delivers letters.
- The Man do not walks with his feet.
- Do You drink milk?
- Does Postman delivers letters?
- Does The Man walk with his feet?

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Kata ganti orang yang menyatakan kepemilikan kayak my,your,our, their, his, her, its. rumusnya gaperlu menurutku karena P.Adj itu diletakkan di depan kata benda.

(+) that's my book
(-) you cant solve her problem
(?) Why you always asking me about his profile?

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