1. What do you think of coming soon early
to school?
2. What do you think about watching TV until late at night for students?
3. What are your views on pollution?
4. What is your opinion of studying english well?
5. What is your opinion of studying all night?



1) I think the student want to cheat their friend's homework, 2) The students don't studying very well and they will yawn, 3) Pollution in this world is very worrying and cause of human death, 4) I think if we study english well, we can study in the foreign university or school, 5) We can yawn and lazy to go to school………… Maaf kalau salah
1.The possibility of him not doing homework or longer can schedule cleaning
2. Not good because a hinnga students who watch TV late at night will cause him sleepy during school hours lasted. Maybe that's not a problem Saturday night
3.Is not very good due to pollution can cause disease
4. Very good for English and the national language to learn English well will be easier for us to talk to strangers
5.That's great but do not get too late at night