1. What do you think of coming soon early to school?
2. What do you think about watching TV until late at night for students?
3. What are your views on pollution?
4. What is your opinion of studying english well?
5.What is your opinion of studying all night?

1. i think it has 2 side, one side u can know news from your friends like homework nd u can do it early. but the other side, its hard to wake up in the morning ..... 2. i think it depends on that student. i often watching tv till midnight nd get panda-eyes haha. 3. pollution isnt good and we had to stop it immediately!
4. i like english nd im good on learning something like language but i dont think that im really good now on english cuz i just learn about mandarin. 5. i think it doesnt sound good. u can divided your study time, but to studying till late its not good for ur body nd the effect is u will sleepy


1. i don't understand the question

2. it's not really a problem as long as it's not on weekdays like Monday night, etc. But it's also not good for your health if you do it often cause it lowers your body metabolism and if you do it on weeknights, you will be late for school the next day

3. we should reduce our use of gasoline, and woods so we could prevent global warming of becoming worse and worse

4. it's a good thing cause English is an International language that most people from around the world know. So you will be able to communicate with them.

5. it's a bad thing. not good for your health cause your brain also need some rest. and you can be late for school the next day

hope this helps