1 ) why we should not litter ?
     answer :
because it can lead to flooding ,,,,,
2 )
what do you think about the environment around you?
     answer : in my opinion the environment around me is very beautiful and unspoiled
  how the action if you see someone littering?   
      answer : I will prevent him so that he  does not litter anymore
4 )
what do you think if everyone in the world does not care about the beauty of the                environment?
     answer : I am sure it is very sad and I will try to change its
How do you preserve the environment around you?
     answer : by way of plant food and not littering
6) Do you ever throw trash in the environment around you?
   answer :
yes once, but never again now because I already know the importance of         protecting the environment
7) what is meant by environmental ??
  answer :
environment is that is outside or around living creatures
8) What evidence that you care about your environment?
     answer :
evidence I often notice the din surrounding environment and I also                                              planted   a variety of plants
9 ) what sanctions are appropriate for people who do not care about his or her environment?
   answer : pay the fine and the money can be used to improve the environment
10) why floods happen?
     answer :
because a lot of people who throw litter

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