Does it mean that you want to make a descriptive paragraph? Okayyy it's kinda easy actually.
Say that you want to describe tentang rumahmu, aku contohin begini : my house is located in ..... I've been living here for 10 years and there's no sign that my parents want to move to other house. I have to say this is a comfortable house. It's a two-story house and has three bedrooms. The master bedroom, which is my parents room, is on first floor. Another smaller bedrooms are mine and my brother's, both are located on second floor. Etc.
*yep i believe that you know how to continue this paragraph. Sorry kalau tulisannya agak berantakan dan terpotong", this iphone wont let me type easily. :)


Kuta beach is a beautiful.Its location in Denpasar.Its real that thourists feel happy to be there.They can swim,play volleyball etc.