The weather wasn't hot
Dan masih banyak lagi~
Verb = S+did not+V1+C
Nomina = S+was not/ were not+C
Make keterangan waktu juga, yesterday, last month, dll. Simple past harus make ket. Waktu


I do not take a pen every day
I didn't take a pen last night
itu simple present tense bentuk negatif
1. she didn't go to school
2. she wasn't here
3. they didn't come
4.we weren't a student dad wasn't a pilot
6. my mom never cooked pasta sister didn't live here
8.he didn't love me
9.he was not my lovely
10.he was not a singer
11.i didn't see him
12.the student didn't come to ceremony
13.that window never be opened
14.yesterday was not a good day
15.they were not my family
16. i was not a doctor
17.they didn't agree to move
18.he didn't jump
19.he never came late
20.gio was a beautiful lady
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