A : What do you think about Indonesia?
B : Indonesia is a country when I life there, it so beautiful and more of an art there.
A : Oh oke thank you
B : Your welcome
Frogie : Hey,How are you bro,you look so different today
Alex : Oh,hey,fine,thanks bro,how about you?
Frogie : Not bad,i just confused about something
Alex : what is that? maybe i can help you
Frogie : oh,bro,its all about mindset and opinion,today our school held a                  Hallowen party,but i dont know what kind of costum that i should use to,can you help me to choose one?
Alex : I think you should better to use Frankenstein's costum,its look good on you,
Frogie : are you sure? i have think so,but i stiil confuse just now,but i'd really say thanks for your advice lex
Alex : dont mention it,frogie,i'd love to stay,but i have to go now,see you then
Frogie : okay,see you lex