Horse is mammalia. Horse have four leg. Horse have various color, like white horse, black horse, brown horse, also 2 mixed colored horse like brown and white horse, black and white horse, and so many various of the color of the horse. Horse is a herbivore, the one that eat plant. Horse have a great power, so the speed of run of the horse is fast. Horse also exploited by human for helping human. Like for transportation, race, also food.
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Horses are large, bulky animals that are good at conserving heat during periods of cold weather and good at its physical power and run. Even since ancient times people were using horse as a variety of alternate transportation due to its magnificent power. For example, horses are being used for cart-dragging transportation until now, horse racing even you can ride your own horsey.

The primary food for horses is wild grass which they can get forĀ themself almost everywhere in the planet. Horses usually drink about 38 - 45 litre of water everyday. Usually you can find a group of wild horses in a green pasture, but you can also find domesticated horses at certain farms which keep horses as pet.
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