My grandfather house is outside in sumatra
my grandfather'S house is outside Sumatra
My grandfather's house was outside the area of Sumatran
There are some sentences you can't translate 'word by word'
these are some answers i can think of :
- my grandpa is not in Sumatra
- my grandpa is not living in sumatra
-my grandpa lives outside the sumatra
- my grandpa is not residing in sumatra anymore

I choose the 3rd
eh, why is before Sumatra an article?
please reply! :)
'the' can be optional, but from my POV, 'the' means that you're trying to identify what's important in a sentence and also it can be added before noun. nah in this case you have 'Sumatra' as a noun and as the important matter in this sentence, so it'll be good if you add article before Sumatra. actually, i could add
Actually i could add article before sumatra on first, second, and fourth sentence. the meaning would stay the same. it's just how you hear it; if you like it with a 'the' you can add it, but if you dont you can erase it. the thing is that the article itself is just trying to denote which noun is important in the sentence. well that's what i know, otherwise, try to google it, seriously there will be a lot of reasons why you should or shouldn't use the article :)
yeah, thanks a lot :)