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"Hello...Yustita!" Lucy's voice surprised me. Why? She never comes so early like this morning. She usually comes a few minutes before the bell rings."Hi! What's wrong? You don't look yourself today. Why did you come so early today?""My father gave me a lift. By the way, have you heard anything about Elsa?""What's the matter with her?" I asked"Haven't you heard? Everyone at school has." She replied."What is it? Would you tell me?" I begged her."Ok. She falling in love with Iwan. Don't you know? She's your classmate, isn't she?""You're kidding! I can't believe it's true. As far as I know, she's a calm girl. But...how about Iwan's response?" I asked her."Wow...I don't know. Please ask him yourself. Iwan and you belong to the same volleyball club, don't you? But I think he pays no special attention to her. Since...he loves somebody else." She replied."Who is she?" I asked."Well, you'd better ask him yourself. The bell will be ringing soon." She answered hurriedly and ran to her classroom.Lucy isn't my classmate. She is in the science department while I'm in the language department. The break finally ended. One by one, my friends entered the classroom. It was very noisy in the classroom. The teacher was absent and there was no special assignment."Tita...are you going to play volleyball this afternoon?" Elsa asked."Yes, what can I do for you?""I want to give this letter to Iwan. Will you help me give it to him?" Elsa begged me."Yes, I will. Believe me. I'm as good as Mr. Postman." I said with a smile."Thanks a lot for your help""No problem."In the afternoon, I met Iwan in the volleybal court. He was smiling when I approached him."Iwan..." I called"Yes, what's wrong?" he came to me with a smile."Here's a letter for you." I said while handing it to him."Who is it from?" Iwan requested."Please read it yourself." I said."Well, is it from your close friend?""Right." I replied shortly.Iwan was smiling when he looked at me. I was a bit annoyed by his smile. A week had passed when Elsa came to me and asked about her letter."How about the letter? I wonder why he hasn't answered it yet.""I'm afraid I don't know. I haven't met him for a week. But I promise that I will ask about it as soon as I meet him."One evening Iwan dropped by my house to return a book which he borrowed a few days before."Iwan have you answered Elsa's letter I gave you a few days ago?""Sorry...I have had no time to write it. I'd rather say.....I don't love her, but I do love someone else." He replied."May I know who?""Well, you'll know everything soon, sorry...I must be off now, give my best regards to your parents. See you.""Yes I will. See you."When I was studying that evening, I found a letter in the book which Iwan returned. I was really surprised when I read it.....Dear Yustita,Thanks a lot of your kindness. But I'm very sorry to let you know that I don't love your friend.If you really want to know the girl who I like best, her name is YUSTITA, the one who is reading this letter now.Yes, Tita, I do love you. I have wanted to say it to you directly, but you never gave me a chance to do so.Well, I'm waiting for your answer.With love,Iwan PraditaOh my God! What should I do? Do I like him? Maybe, but how about Elsa? She's my classmate and my good friend. It hurts to know this. Oh no...I will not do it. And tomorrow I'll tell him. I must find time to say it.Iwan...I don't mean to hurt you. I can't love you. Please don't hate me. Let's be friends till the end of the time, but don't love me.I can't do that, you know. Oh God, help me explain it to him. I really don't know what I will do if I meet Elsa tomorrow.



Tita ans elsa are best friends. Elsa fall in love with someone named iwan, so she send a letter to iwan that she love him. Suprisingly, iwan doesn't love elsa but tita. He confess his feeling to tita, but tita can't accept his feeling because she doesn't love him. More importantly, as elsa' s best friend, she can' t hurt elsa' s feeling if she know the truth
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