A : Halo, Good Night, i am A, can i speak with B?
B : Oh this is me, why do you call me?
A : I only want to ask you about homework. Have we a homework for tomorrow?
B : No, we haven't. There isn't homework for tomorrow.
A : Oh okay! I think that's all my question. Thanks before 
B : Okay.. you're welcome
A : Good Night see you tomorrow B!
B : Good night and see you A!
Dita        : Hello, is it Denny? Dita is speaking.
Denny   : Hello, I’m Denny.

Dita        : How are you Denny?

Denny   : I’m fine. Thanks.
Dita        : Which place did you visit this vacation?
Denny   : Madura. Seeing bull race. It was interesting.
Dita        : What was it like?
Denny   : Well, first, two bulls were put on a yoke on each team. They had to pull a narrow wooden runner between them. Then the jockey half sat and half lay on the runner. Dita        :How were the bulls? Were they decorated?
Denny   : Yes. There were flowers and many coloured ribbons on their head and horns. It was wonderful. I was very happy and satisfied then.

Dita        : Well i’ll try to see it next year.
Denny   : I hope you’ll enjoy it. Good bye.

Dita        : Bye.

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