Jawaban paling cerdas!
Jennifer: "Hallo Joe, did you have already sweep the floor?"
Joe: "Sweep the floor, what is that?"
Jennifer: "Oh my god, Joe you don't know what is sweep the floor?
Joe: "Of course no" (throw garbage in gutter)
Jennifer: "OMG, Joe why you throw in there?"
Joe: "Why? Is that a problem for you?"
Jennifer: "No, that was not a problem for me, but that is a problem for our earth"
Joe: "Why?"
Jennifer: "Joe, are you kidding? You are in the seventh grade and you don't know what is the impact of that??? Oh my god, ok I will tell what is the impact of that. If there are many garbage in gutter, the water of gutter will not flow and the water will overflow and there will flood."
Joe: "So, what is the matter if there are flood?
Jennifer: "Joe, if we do something on the water, we will get ill."
Joe: "Oh my god, Jennifer you are right. That was a problem for our earth and for us too... thank's for the information"
Jennifer: "no problem..."
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