X : mother
Y : son

x: would you like to help me ?
y: sure! what can i do for you, mom ?
x: go to the market and buy some eggs, please. (command)
y: okay mom
5 minutes later
y: i'm back.
x: thank you, dear.
    y, don't turn on the music too loud, maybe i'll need your help later. (prohibition)
y: okay..
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Mother: Ana, is to deliver ten eggs Santi aunt, please. (command)
Ana: okay, mom. 
Mother: Use a thick plastic to bring it! 
Ana: I would put the eggs in the basket of the bike. 
Mom: no! don't do it. if you put the eggs there, then the eggs will break. (prohibition)
Ana: Then? 
Mom: you're walking alone in order not to break the egg (command)
Ana: yes mom.