Two politician team success comment about the presidential election result :

moderator : this is the quick count data result we have from corong research. jokowow-jekawe had 52% and prabowo-hattori had 49 %. so recently the winner is jokowow

politician a : we glad that this is the valid result. 

politician b : why don't we wait until the real result from KPU ? i don't think that jokowow-jekawe really won this election. not yet.

politician a : you can see from every island that jokowow right now is the leader.

politician b : you can look also that not all of your island jokowow win.

politician a : then let us wait and see until the real result is appear. i'm sure jokowow won this election.

politician b : i'm sure prabowow won this election. quick count is'nt guarantee.

moderator : then let us all see until real count has it result on 22nd of july. all of you have to prepare, ready, and accept the result.

Untuk kedepannya, kalo misalnya disuruh bikin convo yang isinya arguing, gampang. Bikin aja teks debat (argue=berdebat, itu secara umum), ingat, teks debat, bukan mosi debat, dalam bahasa Indonesia dan silahkan translate, dan walaa, jadi deh.
hahahaha. iya begitulah