Toloong dong buatin dialog bahasa inggris yang panjang tentang exp greeting yang temanya
1. introduce myself to sir robert and he introduce to me
2. wayan is your friend. introduce sofyan his brother to you
3. in class room dewi your friend introduce you to timmy her sister
4. at a meeting, you introduce mr. lubis your english teacher to your father



Jawaban paling cerdas!
introducing myself to mr.robert and he introduce to me :

mr.robert is a manager in A hotel. i am being interviewed by him. so this is the conversation.

mr. robert : welcome to the A hotel. nice to see you. I am robert patitucci, HRD manager of this hotel. i'm here for over 12 years and now this company seeking a new employers . sooo...., i would like to now about yourself, description it to me.

me : thank you for the time sir, i'm Lodewick van java. 20 years old i am, i'm from jogjakarta and i'm studied there from kindergarten until university at there.after graduate from  university , i'm seeking for a job which is based from my background study, economic. so after round and round seeking , and then i'm here, siting here after i found on the newspaper about this company and i'm interest to be a part of it.

introduce sofyan , wayans brother to you :

i met wayan and someone with him at the trans studio bandung . so this is the conversation.

me : hiii, wayaaannn, is that you?

wayan : hi..., lodewick, long time didn't see you, where have you beennn?

me : i don't go anywhere...., just around this city. anyway... whose this guy with you?

sofyan : i'm sofyan, brother of wayan. nice to meet you. 

me : ooohh, nice to meet you sofyan. i never meet you before.

sofyan : yeah, me and wayan had been separate for 5 years, because i'm in united states to study there.

me : oooh, i see. anyway, nice to see you. 

introducing me to timmy, dewi sisters : 

at the class room, i met dewi. this is the conversation

dewi : hiii, lodewick, come here, i would like to introduce my sister to you.

me : hi wi, who is she?

dewi : timmy, come here for a moment.

timmy comes to dewi.

dewi : lodewick, this is my sister, timmy, she studied here too, one grade below us. so if she doesn't know about a thing in this school please tell her.

so me and timmy shake hands.

me : okay, don't worry about that.

introducing mr lubis to my father :

me and my father going to ABC hardware to buy some stuff. there... i met mr.lubis. this the conversation.

me : mr.lubis isn't it?

mr.lubis : heeeyyyy, lodewick..., buy some stuff here? and you are with...?

me : this is my father, mr ahmad. i accompanied him to buy a new hammer. dad, this is mr.lubis , mr.lubis, this is my father.

father: nice to see you mr.lubis, my son always talking about you. he like the way you teach english to the student in the class. he said it is interesting and easy to  follow.

mr.lubis : nice to see you too mr.ahmad. i just input a shortcut method that it's easy to understand by the student.

mr.ahmad : i see. thank you anyway. because of that, my son really like to study english.

mr.lubis : okay then, i have to find another stuff here, i have to repaired my motorcycle after this. see you all.