My Holiday to Semarang                  
                I with my family went to Semarang last holiday. I will tell you about places we visited in Semarang.  In Semarang, we  spent the night in Semesta hotel.
                First, we visited mall, the mall is Paragon. That is unforgettable experience. I felt Paragon is very tall and big. My father will parked the car in under floor, but in under floor is full. Maybe because many tourist went to there. So we came to the top floor. To arrived to top, our car must rotates. When the car rotates, I felt vertigo. In there we found XXI, we watched puss in boots. Then we went to book store. I bought some book in there for school. And my sister too.                
                  We also went to PRPP, in PRPP, there are Jateng Fair. Central Java hold Jateng Fair every years. Many seller in there, I and my sister bought “kerak telor” in there. We also touched the sharks. First i afraid to touch shark. Touched shark is our unforgettable experience. In there we also bought some chips. We also watched snakes and fishs.
                  The third place we visited is museum Ronggo Warsito. We there watched stolens, elephant fossils, Indonesian’s cultures, weapon and ship.
                We also went to Agung Central Java mosque. That is very big. The architec  is Ir.H.Achmad Fanani. In there there are Al Husna tower. The tall is 99 meters.                
                 The last place we visited is zoo, in there we watched tigers, snakes, birds, and many others animal.

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