Jawaban paling cerdas!

It was the end of the year, I and my family prepared everything to go to Mount Lamongan in Lumajang, East Java. It was only 1 hour from Jember by bus. Around 2 o'clock we arrived at Klakah Village. The weather was cloudy. It seemed to rain. But it wasn't problem for us. We walked around 30 minutes to the rest area before climbing Mount Lamongan. People in the rest area shouted the clock hit 12. They welcomed new year by singing together. The place was very crowded. After welcoming new year, we prepared to climbing Mount Lamongan. Mount Lamongan wasn't high enough. It's only 1.600 meters above sea level. The road was dark. It was full of stone. We walked slowly up the mount. It wasn't tiring at all because we enjoyed the trip. After walking all nigt long, finally we reached the top of the mount. That rainy and stormy. We couldn't see the crater. But It was fun. We felt winning the race
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