Berikan contoh 12 kata setiap kata mengunakan perubahan adjectife , noun ,verb dan adverb ...

jadi 1 kata ada adj noun verb adver yang berasal dari kata sama?
you are beautiful , you singing beautifuly , dll


1. i have a new book from my friend today
2. i always wash dirty dishes everyday
3. i read an old book yesterday (read nya itu read V2 kan tetap read)
4. i will take my new book from her because she hasn't given it back to me yet
5. She washes her beautiful long hair everyday
6. She always hugs her cute teddy bear every night when she sleeps
7. She has a kind brother who always pick her up whenever she goes to school
8. I watched a good football match yesterday
9. Maybe, i will call her beautiful
10. She walks slow until a friend told me that she walks as slow as a turtle
11. I always carry my new books to school
12. Sometimes, i tell her to stop from being so annoying