I enjoyed the blueberry pie that you bought for me
I bought the house that you liked
I ate breakfast before I went to school
I drank a bottle of liquor before i slept
I ran to my neighbor's house after i heard someone's scream
I was delighted, but I didn't stop creating
I was a student, but I never went to school
They were soccer players, but they didn't play in Indonesia
The cookies that you gave me hurt my stomach, and it made me throw up
A complex sentence conveys a thought more effectively as compared to a compound sentence, by making the relationship between the main parts of the sentence clear and specific
The students are studying because they have a test tomorrow.
When he handed his homework, he forgot to give the teacher the last page
The teacher returned the homework after she noticed the error
There are dreams that cannot die
The house which Abraham Lincoln was born in is still standing
The expert who examined this scroll said that it was more than one thousand years old.
My friend invited me to a party but I do not want to go
Writing evolved when picture symbols changed to letters.
Unless you read hard, you will fail.As he was industrious, he came out successful.
Although my friend invited me to a party, I do not want to go.