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R.A Kartini (versi recount)

Ajeng Kartini was born on 21 April 1879 in the city of Jepara, Central
Java. He was the son of a nobleman who was very obedient to the customs.
After graduating from elementary school he was not allowed to continue
their schooling to higher levels by the parents. He secluded while
waiting to be married. Kartini, were very saddened by this, he wanted to
oppose but did not dare for fear of being considered rebellious child. To

get rid of her sorrow, she collects books, textbooks and other science

park which is then read at home in the company of Simbok (aides).

read into his interest, no day without reading. All books, including
reading newspapers. If there is difficulty in understanding the books
and newspapers they read, he always asked the father. Through

this book, Kartini think women are interested in the progress of

Europe (the Netherlands, who was then still ruled Indonesia). Arising
desire to promote women's Indonesia. Women are not only the kitchen but
also must have knowledge. He began by collecting the girls to be taught
writing and other sciences. Amid the busy life he did not stop reading
and also writing letters to his friends who were in the Netherlands. No
sooner had he written a letter to Mr.JH Abendanon. He pleaded awarded a scholarship to study in the Netherlands.

acquired Kartini had not exploited by her parents because she was
married to Duke Joyodiningrat Raden. After his marriage he took her
husband to the Apex area. Her husband understood Kartini and supporting
women to establish a school. Thanks

to his perseverance Kartini succeeded in establishing the School for

Women in Semarang, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Malang, Madison, Cirebon and

other areas. The school's name is "Kartini School". Fame

does not make Kartini become arrogant, he remained courteous, respect

the family and anyone else, does not distinguish between poor and rich.

17 September 1904, Kartini died at the age of 25, after she gave birth
to her first son. After Kartini died, Mr.JH Abendanon memngumpulkan and
posted the letters RA Kartini had sent to his friends in Europe. The
book was entitled
"DOOR DUISTERNIS TOT Licht" which means "Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang".



Generik structure narative adalah orientation ,complication,resolution