Manager: excuse me?
director : yes? 
manager : sorry to interrupt his time 
director : what is it? 
manager : well sir, I have a friend who really need a job how he became an assistant here? 
director : assistant? 
manager : yes sir, what about? 
director : how well, here there is no job 
manager : This time, sir, I beg he previously worked in the company of other 
dirctor : let me thank him working in the company of my
Manager: Thank you very much sir director: yes equally 

hopefully help, make the best yes :))
@ayusrrh : how about if the director didn't agree because it will add company expense and company can't afford it, do you have an example of that conversation? Thanks.. :)
but if the assistant can help or ease the burden of that company, the director sure I received it.
sorry I made ​​the text itself :) urwell
@ayusrrh : thanks dear, it really help me.. :)
urwell dear, Happy to help you :)
sorry to interrupt his time? ._. kok kayak pake google translate ya? ._. no offense lho kalo salah :D