Many, many years ago, the kingdom of Medangkamulan was ruled by a king named Dewata-chengkar. This king had a strange and frightening habit. He liked to eat human  beings.
One day, a young traveler arrived in the kingdom.He was called Ajisaka. Ajisaka took shelter in the house of a widow who quickly came to look upon the young man as her own son. When he heard of the king's strange appetite, Ajisaka sympathized with the villagers' plight and immediately volunteered to become the king's next meal.
Ajisaka went directly to the king's palace.“I am willing to be your next meal. Your Highnees. However, I have a request.“ said Aji Saka to the king. “Whatever you please, young man, I will grant your request,“ the king replied. “Before you eat me, grant me some land. Just enough length of my own headcloth.“ continued Aji Saka. “Come, Young Man. Let's measure your headcloth so that I can have my meal and you can have your land“ agreed the king.
yah tapi gada translate sm generic structurenya ya;( yg lain ada lagi?