Children all over australia are getting fatter and fatter and the way we lives is making it worse. So how can we help ? The best way is to get kids all of ages involved in playing sport.

Being active by playing sports is going to keep kids strong, fith, and healthy. growing bodies need lots of daily exercise and the best way to do this is to play sport. Scientist have shown that kids who play sport have less health probelms than kids who sit at home and wacth to much tv.
There are lots of sports that kids can play such as soccer and netball in the winter and softball and cricket in the summer. They can also play sports like gymnastics, tennis and basket ball all year round. Also playing a team sport is great for kids because they gets to makes lot of new friends. They also learn how to work together in team and cooperate wich each other.
sambungannya lagi
It is Obvius that all children should have to play sport. It helps them make new friends, keep fit and healthy, and learn how to work wich other. Playing sport is fun and exciting and it much better than being bored at home.
i personally think that music is one of the most important thing in our life. music is a part of our life. music is completing our day. music is the most faithful best friend and music is always willing to fill your loneliness. so, music has a magical powers. i do believe that. why? here are some reasons why music is heard in everywhere and anywhere.. firstly, music is a way to express our feelings. when you fall in love, heartbroken, happy, mourning, loneliness, cheerful, just all kinds of feelings can be expressed through music. besides music can express feelings, music can even change the feeling. when you are desperate and sad, and then you hear a song that is cheerful and motivate you, then you come back feeling optimistic and uplifting. how magical music is!