expressing embarassment : 1. i'm extremely anger 2. i don't want to know 3. i don't care

ooooo nanti aku kasih dialogx tentang apa..?
Dialogue 1
Dina : Hello,how are you?
Danur : Fine,what are you doing in here?
Dina : Nothing,just waiting for my mom.
Danur : Why you look so upset today?
Dina : Huh,because i fell down in front of the class and everyone was laughed at me.
What a shame!
Danur : But are you okay?feel sorry to hear that
Dina : I'm okay..
Dialogue 2
Fina : ris,what happen to your face?
Farris : uhm,i got a little accident.When i was walk on the street yesterday,suddenly i
get slipped by the banana peel.everyone was looking at me and it was so embarrased.
Fina :Oh my!but how's your leg right now?
Farris : it's okay..
Contoh 3: A : Hi, Sonia. I watched your concert last night. That was awesome. You can be a great pianist.
B: Actually I wasn’t that great.
A: What are you talking about? You played it very well.
B: Actually, I can’t play piano.
A : Why? I think your playing was great.
B : It wasn’t me. It’s my twin sister, Sania.
A : Really? I thought it was you. I’m sorry. That’s fine.
B: No. It really mak
jadikan terbaik ya....
I feel ashemed
i feel awkwark
you're embrassing me
i'am very embarrassed