I woke up by myself this morning. my mom doesn't wake me up. then, i went to living room, while i saw that my mom is busy with herself and forget about take care of me. so, i just went school without say greetings. i just talked to myself the whole way.

when i arrived at class, my friends were busy to do things by themself without say hi to me. then, when the break time, i saw my bestfriend was eating by herself without ask me to join her as usual. i just kept silent and don't talk to everyone. because, the all look suspicious.

the bell school rang and i planned to go home by myself immediately. and when i arrived home, i saw many ballons everywhere. wow, i almost forgot that today is my birthday!

maaf kalo jelek ya, semoga membantu~
kata "forget" di paragraf pertama sebaiknya diganti dengan "forgot"
kata take juga