To commemorate Youth Pledge Day, we are pleased to anounce that our school will hold some competitions:
a. Singing Contest
b. Volley Ball Competition
c. Story Telling Contest
d. Painting Contest
those who are interested to join can register to the school commitee from October 12-15, there will be a trophy and interisting prizes for the winners. for further information, please contact Dina class 4-8

1. where should the students enroll if they want to join the competitions?
Answer: school committee
2. from the text above, we can conclude that the registation is open for.......days
3.what is the purpose of the text above?
Answer: to anounce school competition
you are welcome
tolong bantu buatkan dialog expression dong , beserta pertanyaan esai dari dialog tersebut beserta jawaban nya . tolooong :')
dialog expression itu apa? saya baru smp kelas 8
oh iya nyaa?
dialog yang didalam nya ada ungkapan" . misalnya mengungkapkan selamat kpd seseorang ..
tapi ya sudahlah klw tidak tauu