Jawaban paling cerdas!
A : what do you mind about FIFA 2014?
b : in my opinion its very interesting and funny?
c : i agree with you but it's very wasful
a : but i think government can solved the problem
b : the government should prepare big cost for it

maaf kalau cuma sedikit
thanks yang penting sudah memberi sedikit info
A : I think "Friends" is very funny. 
B : I don't think so. I didn't understand why you laughed at it. 
A : Hey, can you catch up the conversation in "Friends"? 
B : Yes, a little bit. But I think I have a different sense of humour. 
A : So, what about watching "Bajaj Bajuri". Do you think it's amusing? 
B : I can accept it. What about you? 
A : Yeah, I am with you.