On Wednesday, my students and I went to Jogjakarta. We stayed at Dirgahayu Hotel which is not far from Malioboro.
On Thursday we visited the temples in Prambanan. There are three big temples, the Brahmana, Syiwa and Wisnu temples. They are really amazing. We visited only Brahma and Syiwa temples, because Wisnu temple is being renovated.
On Friday morning we went to Jogja Kraton. We spent about two hours there. We were lucky because we were led by a smart and friendly guide. Then we continued our journey to Borobudur. We arrived there at four p.m. At 5 p.m. we heard an announcement that Borobudurgate would be closed.
In the evening we left for Jakarta by Wisata bus.

1. Where did the writer and the students went for their trip?
A. Yogjakarta.
B. Jakarta.
C. Surabaya
D. Dirgahayu Hotel

2. Where did the writer and the students stayed ?
A. Dirgahayu Hotel
B. Malioboro hotel
C. Prambanan
D. Jakarta

3. When did they visited temples in prambanan?
A. Thursday
B. Saturday
C. Monday
D. Sunday

4. What are the name of the three temples?
A. Syiwa, brahmana, wisnu
B. Syiwa, wisnu, prambanan
C. Prambanan, brahmana, wisnu.
D. Wisnu, brahmana, shinta.

5. Which temple that was being renovated?
A. Wisnu
B. Prambanan
C. Syiwa
D. Brahmana

6. Where did they went on friday morning?
A. Jogja kraton
B. Prambanan temple
C. Wisnu temple
D. Borobudur

7. How many hours did they spend in jogja kraton?
A. 2 hours
B. An hour.
C. 3 hours
D. 4 hours.

8. When did borobudur gate closed?
A. At 5 pm
B. At 4 pm.
C. At 6 pm
D. At 3 pm

9. When did they back to jakarta?
A. On saturday evening.
B. On friday night.
C. On friday morning
D. On saturday night

10. What was the name of the bus did they took to left for Jakarta?
A. Wisata bus
B. Jakarta bus
C. Dirgahayu bus
D. Kerjajaya bus

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