Yang bisa TOEFL tolong bantuannya yah :

1. Mr. President is holding a serious ... with his ministry about the occurrence of web hacking of state's networking.
a. discuss
b. discussing
c. discussion
d. discussment

2. He can't help his ... about the technique to swim faster , so take swimming school ...
a. curiousness , periodical
b. curiousity , periodically
c. curiousness , periodically
d. curiosity , periodical

3. I'm hungry at her for ... me the truth about the incident
a. don't tell
b. didn't tell
c. haven't told
d. not having told

4. My buddies have killed a bear on their way home, ... very big . I hoped it didn't resurrect
a. it was
b. it is
c. they were
d. they are

tolong beserta penjelasannya yah :)



1. discussion
2. curiousity, periodically
3. (ga yakin, tapi yg paling nyambung) not having told
4. it was
nomer 1 itu kek objek. nomer 4 karena subjeknya singular (the bear) dan baru aja terjadi.
ooo begitu, oke thanks yah kak :)
iyo sama-sama
iya deh nomor 3 yang paling nyambung not having told
kalo aku bilang sih for not telling
Jawaban paling cerdas!
1. c
2. c
3. a
4. a
smga mmbntu

okeokeeee ;)
cukup jelas penjelasan dari kakak :)
terimakasih untuk penjelasannya yah kak :)
ea, sama2 dek
ea, sama2 dek
ea, sama2 dek
ea, sama2 dek