Struktur : If + simple present tense + Subject + will + verb
JikaKondisi Hasil present simple WILL + base verbIfI see HarryI will call him
If Tara is not sick tomorrowI will invite her to my party
IfI graduate this yearI will go to Singapore for holiday
Ifit rains tomorrowwill you stay in my house?
IfHenri bring me the bookI will study hard. 
Future Tenses :
1. If i have a lot of money, I'll go to paris
2. I'll buy a new computer, if I have money 
3. If i have a car, I'll go to surabaya
4. You'll buy me a car, if I do what every you want to do?
5. Practice will so much easier, if I really want to do it

Present Tense : 
1. I will sleep, if I am sleepy
2. He will goes to the mall, if he has a friend
3. You'll send me a letter, if I have a pen
4. She will break up with him, if he make a mistake again
5. I'll punch you, if you mess with me

Past Tenses : 
1. If I were you, I wouldn't do that
2. If John had a money, he would buy a ferrari
3. I would beat him, if he mess with me
4. If you had a car, you would take me to the mall
5. If i had a lot of money, i would stay in this house

Semoga membantu :)