Percakapan Mengenai Liburan Berkemah Mbak
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Artikel sama percakapan Mbak..


Syarifah   : Hey Yati ! Do you know the hot news in our school ?
Yati          : Yes, I know. About the minimum score, isn’t it ?

Syarifah   : Yes, exactly. What do you think ?

Yati          : I think it so high. I believe that is bad idea.

 Syarifah   : I don’t think so. Precisely with the 70 score, we can go into the University easily. With PMDK program.
Yati          : Yes, I know it. But, for everyday it so hard.

Syarifah   : Maybe, it can be the pole for us to be better than yesterday. I hope we can do it. Although it so hard.
Yati          : Ok. Amin.