Tema holiday fun1.Last summer I had a nice holiday. I visited some great places. I went to the airport and will fly to Cleveland. I spent three days there. I am glad to see some of the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game. Then I went to Hollywood. Hollywood is a famous district in Los Angeles, California, United States. It has become world famous as a center for the film industry. Four major film companies - Paramount, Warner Bros., RKO and Columbia - had studios in Hollywood. I do not want to leave but I had to leave her. After that, I went to the city of New York. I visited the Statue of Liberty is very beautiful. I went from the bottom of Manhattan to the top of the crown. It was so amazing. The place makes me feel at home but I have to go home. Next time I'll get back to them very enjoyable.
2. When I was walking home from school yesterday, I saw an accident. A car hit a motorcycle from behind. The driver could not control his car because he drove very fast.
The car didn’t stop after the accident. It even ran faster and disappeared. The traffic was not so crowded. No one came to help the motorcycle’s rider. He was injured badly. I was so scared at that time.
Thaen, I called the police and tried to find help for the victim. Soon, the police came. The police asked me some questions. I told them what happened. After that I went home because it was already dark.
It was really tragic.