Tolong kasih conto kalimat nya

1.mention 2 expressin of giving agreement
2.mention 2 expressin of giving disagreement
3.mention 2 expressin of giving invite someon
4.mention 2 expressin of giving accept invitation
5.mention 2 expressin of giving refuse invitation
6.mention 2 expressin of giving certainty
7.mention 2 expressin of giving uncertainty
8.make 2 sentences about comparative degree
9.meke 2 sentences about superlative degree



1.agreement :- i agree with you , that's so true ,absolutely
2.disagrrement : i don't think so , that's not always true
3.invite someone : will you come to my party? , would you like to come to my place for dinner,please?
4.accept invitation : yes, I will . ,thanks for your invitation i'd be delighted to
5.refuse invitation : sorry  i can't , i'd really like to but I have an appointment that day
6.certainty : I'm very sure , I belive so
7.uncertanty : I doubt it, I don't think so
maaf cuman itu yang aku bisa yang bawah ga terlalu
semoga membantu