1. "Due to many sharp corals, the visitors are prohibited to swim along this area"
    where do we usually find the text? 
    Answer: in the beach
2. "please don't lean aganist the door"
    what is the purpose of the text?
    Answer: to warn people not to lean against the door
3. "dangerous! do not touch"
    what is the purpose of the text?
    Answer: to warn some body to not do something
4. "Right lane only to procede. beware"
    what does the warning mean?
    Answer: right lane is only is only to overtake other vehicles
5. "keep the distance, this big vehicle brings flammable fluid"
    what does the text mean?
   Answer: other vehicles should be far enough from the truck
6. "keep of the grass"
    the following warning means that pedestrians should.... the grass
   Answer: not walk on
7. "acces for residents only"
    it means that only the.....who own the houses at the housing complex can go there
   Answer: people
8. "do not aim the camera directly into the sun or at other intense light resources that      could damage your eyesight"
    the warning means.....
    Answer: our eyes might be in danger if the camera is aimed into the sun or intense                  light
9. "After closing time return book here"
     what does the notice means?
     Answer: you should put the books here if you return them after the closing time
10. "keep the room clean"
      what does the notice on the right mean?
      Answer: do not throw the rubbish in the room