Passive voice: 1. a yoing boy delivers newspapers in the morning. answer:newspapers are delivered by a young boy in the morning 2. agnes monica has changed her performanced before going international. answer: agnes monica's performance has been change by her before going international. 3. somebody is visiting a new apartment right now. answer: a new apartment is being visited by somebody right now. 4. mr. hartono will join the futsal competition next season. answer : the futsal competition will be joined by Mr. hartono next season. 5. i have been teaching english for 15 years. answer: english has been being taught by me for 15 years. 6. the best man will make a short speech. answer: a short speech will be made by the best man. 7. marry has washed the dishes. answer: the dishes has been washed by marry. 8. they do not paint the wall answer: the wal is not painted by them. maaf cuman bisa sampai 8 soal dan jawaban buat passive voicenya.
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