My holiday
   last holiday was my unforgettable experience i spent my holiday by visiting many interisting places.
   first, i visited my grandmother in Bandung. I enjoyed Cibaduyut, Cihampelas, geology museum, and Tangkuban Perahu. I spent two days there. I didn't forget to buy special snack from that city, Peuyeum.
    My next destination was Jakarta. where my uncle lived. although the weater was hot. I could enjoyed TMII, Sea World, Mariana Beach, and Monas.
     my last trip was Bogor, the rain city. the cool weather made my vocation nice and enjoyable. Puncak was my cousin's resident. tasting sweet roasted corn with a glass of hot milk coffee and watching woman picking tea leaves was really wonderfull thing.
1. what is the type of the text above?
2. what is the purpose of the text?
3. how many places writer visited?
4. where could writer taste peuyeum?
5. where was the first trip?
6. where was the second trip?
7. where was the third trip?
8. how was the weather in Bogor?
9. which paragraph did tell about Puncak?
10. what place that is called by rain city?
1. recount text
2. to retell about unforgettable experience
3. there was three
4. In Bandung
5. Bandung
6. Jakarta
7. Bogor
8. there was cool
9. last or third paragraph
10. Bogor