Vision , mission , agenda , and program Real Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa in the Field of Environment
Environmental issues raised in the vision and mission of the presidential and vice presidential spouse , specifically grouped in the program " Caring for Nature and the Environment " . This program became the seventh program of 8 program called " Eight Real Agenda and Program to Save Indonesia " it .
Program " Caring for Nature and Environment " in the vision and mission of the presidential and vice presidential candidate Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa consists of 8 points , namely :

• Starting the reforestation of 77 million hectares of degraded forests with overlapping system of
planting bamboo extract , Jabon , sengon , sago , mangroves , and other crops as well as the
conservation of biological diversity , protected areas , national parks and nature reserves .

• Preventing and take stern action against perpetrators of environmental pollution ; and protect
biodiversity and flora and fauna as part of the nation's assets .

• Implement tree planting timber by the people , collectively or individually with a maximum scale of 5
acres , supported by fiscal incentives and non - fiscal .

• Encouraging all forestry businesses and derivative products get certified forest management /
sustainable forest products accepted by the global market .

• Require the contribution of forest development in the city district location / city government
designated for permit holders lease use of forest areas for non-agricultural purposes in the broadest
definition .

• Rehabilitate watersheds and water sources .

• Encouraging businesses coal , nickel , copper , bauxite and iron ore into the mining friendly and social
environment .

• Actively participate in efforts to address global climate change , which is balanced by the condition of
Indonesia .

This highly detailed Work Programme arranged departing from the problems of life and life ensnare the people of Indonesia . Based on information that can only deliver a part of the program 6 , recall from the previous post post most of the Guidelines has been submitted mediated social .

5 . Build a Corruption-Free Governance , Strong , Decisive and Effective

a. Accelerate the improvement of the welfare state apparatus and accelerate the reform of the
bureaucracy to achieve an efficient bureaucratic system and served by a system of incentives and
penalties are effective .

b . Creating certainty and enforce the law indiscriminately and fairly as possible .

c . Preventing and combating corruption , collusion and nepotism by applying management techniques
that are open and accountable .

d . Improve the welfare of soldiers / police , civil servants and their families , including veterans and
retirees .

e . Putting 30 % of women in ministerial positions and or ministerial level officials and encourage more
strategic position for women in the provincial government and district / city .

Readiness of each candidates in terms of vision , mission and Work Program will be tested when the event was held ahead of the debate in the media broadcasting election day . The event will look at the quality of the candidates , if he really mastered the nation's problems and then offer programs to address these problems or are we going to witness presidential candidates who stumbled brick in describing the program to build new Indonesia . Well that's where the emotional voter voters would be rational , that is, when witnessed firsthand the 2014-2019 Presidential candidate who truly dependable and later was given the mandate to lead the nation's noble Indonesia next 5 years.
If Not We Who Else If Not Now When is More.

tolong carikan 5 noun dan 5 verb



Noun : program, vision, mision, agenda, voters
verb : protected, planting, putting, raised, starting