Eric: Hi, Arfan. How are you today?
Arfan: Hi Eric. I am fine. How about you?
Eric: I am fine too. How was your holiday?
Arfan: It was so interesting. I went to many beaches in Indonesia such as, Parangtritis, Kuta, Tanjung Setia, and many more beautiful beaches.
Eric: That was so fun I think.
Arfan: Yes of course. I love Indonesia and I decide that in all of my holiday, I must visit a place in Indonesia.
Eric: I think so. There are so many holiday destinations in our country that can be explored and visited. Besides beaches, have you visited the other places?
Arfan: Nope. Beach was my holiday theme and how was your holiday?
Eric: I think this is the best holiday in my life.
Arfan: Really? What did you do?
Eric: I spent all my time to join my father’s company. There, I studied many things about business and how was the management of my father’s business. Becoming an entrepreneur is my dream and I was like getting a chance when I work with many employees there.
Arfan: Cool. I hope you will be the best entrepreneur in Indonesia
Eric: Thank you Arfan.

soal :

1. Who go to many beaches in Indonesia?
2. What are the name of beaches in Indonesia which Arfan visited?
3.  What did Eric do to spend his holiday?
4.  Does Eric go to the beaches in Indonesia?
5. Who want to be a entrepreneur?
kak bisa buatin jawabannya juga ? berupa pilihan ganda ?