A Deep Meaning of Friendship 
Friendship is like the two rings that have different shapes
But can be combined with a very strong sense
Friendship is just a word
But it has a deep meaningWe’ll feel it when actually find
A continued friend in a life
Friendship has always been an oasis when we experience sadness
Friendship is always a joy to be complementary
A day without friends is very strangeMonths without friends are very painful
True friends will always be missedTalks will continue to be memorable
Easy to get a rich friendBut hard getting a forever friend
Because a true friend is not for a reason
2 5 2
i'm be there to guide you wher
ever you way go
thanks you for you love forever
when i'm down and the think go
wrong the woried againts me too
i close my eyes and think of you
and i know what you would say now
2 3 2