1. The Queen of Arabia and Three sheiks
2. The Smarttest Animal
3. The Story Snow White
4. The Origin Of The City Surabaya
5. The To be king Poor monkey Want
6. Finding Farmers magic Box
7. Pinocchio And the wicked witch
8  Love Story Cinderella
9. Money Isn't Everything
10.The Smartest Parrot
A shepherd boy who took care of his sheep not far from a village, used to amuse himself by crying out, 'wolf.wolf!" two or three times his 'cry for help'. the boy just laughed when they arrived.
at last, one day a wolf really did come. the boy cried outh with all his strengh. but this time, nobody paid any attention to him and the wolf ate his sheep. so the boy learned,himself too late, this liars aren't believed even when they tell the ruth.
1. why did the boy like to cry out like that ?
he wanted to entertain
2. what did the boy do when the villagers came to help him ?
he laughed
3. why didn't anyone pay attention to his last cry of help ?
because the people thought he lied again