Part of Act 2 Scene 2 Romeo and Juliet
Scene: Balcony
Characters: JULIET, ROMEO
JULIET: (Isn’t aware of Romeo’s presence) Oh, Romeo, Romeo, why must you be Romeo? Forget your father and change your name. Or, if you won’t, just vow your love for me and I shan’t be a Capulet any longer.
ROMEO: (to himself) Should I wait and listen, or should I speak now?
JULIET: (still is not aware of ROMEO listening) Only your name that is my enemy. You will still be yourself even if you stopped being a Montague. Besides, what’s a Montague? It isn’t a hand, a foot, an arm, a face, or any other part of a person. Oh, have another name! What does a name possess? A rose will smell just as sweet if we called it with any other name. Romeo will be just as perfect as if he wasn’t called Romeo. Romeo, be rid of your name. Change your name—which really has nothing of you—and have all of me instead.
ROMEO: (to JULIET) I believe what you said. Just say that I am your love, and I will take a new name. From now on I will not be Romeo ever again.
JULIET: Who is that? Why are you hiding in the darkness and listening to my private thoughts?