Contoh Recount Text MY BUSY HOLIDAYOn April 16th, 2010, I thought this would be a great holiday for
me because that was the holy day for Hindhu people . I was so
tired about the study, so I guessed this time I could get full
refresh anyway. However, the fact said the other way.
First like an ordinary daughter, I had to get up early morning
helping my mother, of course after I prayed. Then I did my
chores, cleaned up my room, and spread out my bed under the
sun ray. I was really in danger if my mom knew that my room
was messy. So, I made it as soon as possible. Second, my aunts
called me in the afternoon. I did not meet them for a long time,
that was the way I kept for hours to talk with them. After that,
unpredictable my neighbor visited me. She asked my help
finishing her homework. At last, the time was running and I just
remembered that I had a lot of homework. I got mad, confused
and regretful why I did not check my homework before.
Therefore, I did my homework until 2:00 a.m. the next morning.
I did not feel this was holiday instead of I had to work hard and
got a long ship with my homework.
question :
1. why did her neighbor visit her?
2. what tense used?



1. She asked to help finishing her homework.
2. Simple tense, past tense
-She asked the writer to help
finishing her homework.
Simple past tense
1. She asked the writer help
finishing her homework.

2. using simpe past tense
alasan apa?._.
alasan pake simple past tense? karena recount text biasanya menceritakan masa lampau atau event yg sudah terjadi. jadinya pake simple past tense