Expressing  Anger
a : today is very bad B : what happened? A : i was debating with my girlfriend about something B : really? A : yes! I hate her! B : calm down, bro!
Expressing embarrassment
 A : Today is my bad day. B : Why? What’s wrong? A : I feel down from motorcycle in front of school. B : Really? Are you ok? A : I’m fine, but I feel so embarrassed because my shoes were flying over me

Expressing annoyence
A : You know George didn’t come last Saturday night. B : Really? I saw him with a girl in Lembayung Café. I thought they were dating there. A : But he said that he accompanied his mother to hospital. B : You were lied by him. A : Yes, I know. I am annoyed. I can’t bear it any longer. It’s over!