Sam : "hi.. Ricco, morning" Ricco: "morning, how are you? " sam : " I'm good.. how about you? " Ricco: " I'm really well, oh yeah. I've listened if you went to jakarta last week. isn't right? sam: "yeah.. truly right.. " Ricco: "what are you doing, there? " sam : "for celebrated my grandma's birthday party " Ricco: "wow.. that was really great " sam : "yeah.. excalty great. " Ricco: "so, how about jakarta? " sam: "jakarta was so great..!! but, i must face the long traffic jam when i was there? " sam: "is that true, I often watched that news in television " Ricco: "but, the most of that I'm so really excited with all big mall in jakarta. that was amazing for me, really perfect " sam: "wow sound great.. i was really pleasure to listened your stories about jakarta, but I'm gotta go home right now. maybe next time we can have conversation about jakarta again, bye " RIcco: "it's ok.. bye.. see yaaa "