A : do you agree if i invite denis to come our party ?                                                      B : yes, i do. because he is too my friend.                                                                    A : i have a plan. how if everybody that come to our party wear mask ?                                  B : i don't agree with you. because no everybodi like wear mask.

A :How do you do? (salam kenal)
b: How do you do. (salam kenal)
 a:Do you speak English? (anda bisa bahasa Inggris?)
b:Yes I do. (ya, saya bisa)
a:. Is there anything I can help? (ada yang bisa saya bantu?)
-b:Yes, Can you help me to bring this luggage please?
(ya, Bisa tolong bawakan barang bawaan saya?)
- No, thank you. (tidak, terima kasih)